Department Of Mechanical

Department Of Mechanical

The Mechanical Engineering Department at JKKNCET was established in 2009 and has since been renowned for its excellent results, with a majority of students securing first class for several years. The department boasts fully-fledged laboratories for all subjects, which have been functioning efficiently since its inception.

The department is committed to organizing faculty training programs in demanding areas, sponsored by JKKNCET, for the past few years. Our students’ departmental projects are innovative and have been selected in various competitions, winning prizes as well. The department focuses on industrial visits, expert lectures, and soft skill training to produce a well-rounded student at the end of their course.

The majority of the staff members have completed their post-graduation, while some are in the process of completing the same. They are dedicated to their work and are available to support the students and institution at all times.

In summary, the Mechanical Engineering Department provides high-quality education and discipline to its learners, with individual attention from professors and lecturers to motivate them toward their professional goals. The department fosters a positive student-faculty relationship to enhance the intellectual growth of its students. Students are encouraged to carry out mini-projects during their course to enrich their subject efficiency and professional expertise.


“To be a Leading Global Innovative Solutions provider for the ever changing needs of the society”.


“To empower learners with cutting-edge Mechanical Engineering knowledge and proficiencies, enabling them to synergize with interdisciplinary fields such as bio convergence. Fosters collaboration, innovation, and excellence in equipping the graduates with the skills to address complex challenges and make significant contributions to society’s evolving needs”.

S.EswaramoorthyM.E, MISTE.,Vice Principal
M.Kandasamy M.Tech Assistant Professor
S.RanjithkumarM.EAssistant Professor
M.Pradeep M.EAssistant Professor
S.KarthikeyanM.EAssistant Professor
M.SivasankarM.EAssistant Professor